​​​​Joanna Novins

Writing- Are you an author or a small business in need of content for a website, blog, or  newsletter? Do you have an idea you'd love to see in print, but simply don't have the time or staff to get the work done? I have the experience to take that idea and build it out, structure and organize it, and write it in whatever style or voice you choose.  Have a rough or nearly finished draft that needs editing? I can do that, too. 

Research - Are you a company in need of industrial, economic, or due diligence research and writing? An author with more curiosity than time? My academic training includes a bachelor's degree with honors in history and a master's degree in international politics and economics and I have done professional research in all of these areas. Identifying, tracking, and monitoring individuals, enterprises, and networks  is my speciality. Consumers of my products include senior US policy makers, C-level executives,Fortune-500 clients and commercial audiences.  I have extensive experience with online databases including WorldCheck, Hoovers, and EDGAR.

Brainstorming - Are you a student struggling to organize your ideas, develop your voice, or simply find a place to start a paper, essay, or college application essay? Are you an author who loves writing "into the mist" but hates  crafting synopsis, cover copy, queries and pitches? I've read publisher submissions, pulled bestsellers from the slushpile and I've coached intelligence analysts, professional and aspiring authors, and students, including students with learning differences; I know that one writing style does not fit all.Let me help you find the style that fits you.

Interested in learning more about how I can help? Drop me a line or call.